How It WILL Work

As a crowd funded project, the funding for this project will be provided through voluntary donations from citizen scientists and other philanthropist donors. A primary objective of the project is to create a database that will be accessible to other investigators interested in the genital microbiota and its relation to health. For their donations, citizen scientists will be provided the microbial composition of the sample(s) they have generously given to the project. This report is in no way a clinical report that participants or their doctors could act on. It is simply information that citizen scientists might be interested in knowing. The analysis of the all participants' data will enable scientific findings and will ultimately benefit women’s health.

Here are the steps you will need to take to participate:


Step One

Select your perk and send in your donation to Your Private Biome. You will receive the sampling kit associated with your selected perk. The perk can be used by yourself or gifted to someone else. The donation is not refundable.

Step Two

  • You can use the sampling kit unique ID to sign up and enroll in the study by following the instructions included in the kit and by login into the study secured website. You will need to fill out the following:

a) The online consent form

b) The online questionnaire

  • To sign the consent form, you must agree to use an electronic format for your signature in accordance with the United States' eSIGN Act. A paper version of the consent form is included in the sampling kit and should also be signed and returned to the study site. 
  • The information that you give us when you complete the online questionnaires will be de-identified.  This means that your answers will not be linked to who you are. Although we will know who you are—so that we can send you the project report—none of this information will be placed in the public database. 
  • You must complete the consent and questionnaire to join the project.  If either is not signed or filled out, we cannot process your samples. 
  • Once the consent form and questionnaire are completed, you can sample yourself following the detailed instructions provided with the kit and also sign the paper copy of the consent form.


Step Three

Follow the instructions in the sampling kit and use the included mailing pre-paid enveloppe to ship the sample(s) and the signed consent form back to the study site. The sampling kit will include shipping supplies and pre-paid postage. 




What Else?

When we complete your microbiome analysis, we will send you an email with a link to securely access a report of the results from the project and how your microbiome compares with other people in the study.

If you decide that you no longer want to participate in this study, you must email your request to Your Private Biome (  Just let us know that you’d like to withdraw from the study.

DISCLAIMER: The report we will provide to you should not be used by yourself or your physician to make medical decisions.